Imagine you want to drive an EV but you can't charge at home. How will you charge? Do you have the solution? Your opportunity to partner with BMW Group and scale your business.

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Collaboration Opportunities.

You want to know why you should participate? Find out more about your various opportunities to collaborate and partner with BMW Group. Learn more.

Technology Demands.

We want you! Innovative EV charging solutions for public and semi-public environments - cheap, simple, connected. What does your solution offer? Have a closer look at the Technology Demands of BMW Group to see if you are a good fit. Learn more.

Participation Requirements.

You want to participate at the forum? Great! BMW Group is looking forward to get in touch and collaborate with exciting new startups. Please read the participation requirements to see if you fulfill BMW Group criteria. Learn more.

Application & Registration Process.

You want to know how you can participate? Please use our contact form to apply for presenting at the BMW Group EV charging forum 2012. Regarding the great interest we received, we decided to postpone the application due date to 27 August 2012.